Specialists in the manufacture of exterior lightweight decorative shapes and mouldings


Accumen Shapes Ltd manufacture traditional and contemporary lightweight exterior decorative mouldings that can transform your existing or planned building into a unique architectural dream without major structural re-design.

Accumen Shapes custom manufacture a wide range of lightweight exterior mouldings including columns, architraves, cornices, window cills (sills), fence caps, quoins, false vents and shutters, arches, bands/dado lines, parapet mouldings and chimney surrounds. Accumen Shapes also manufacture bBOLD signage, shapes, film sets and theatre props.

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Why choose Accumen® lightweight exterior shapes?

  • We manufacture and hold in stock a range of exterior mouldings at 2.7 metre lengths.
  • We custom design to order using advanced computerized techniques to produce robust, cost-effective lightweight plastered shapes.
  • We have developed a unique KickIt® plaster coating designed for our exterior mouldings.
  • We manufacture mouldings using three methods:
    • DecraShape® - EPS coated in KickIt® plaster
    • fourPLUS® - EPS coated in a minimum of four mm thick KickIt® plaster
    • ShapeCrete® - lightweight concrete
  • We have developed a unique TidyUp® adhesive plaster designed for installing Accumen shapes in conjunction with mechanical fixings.
  • We are an innovative New Zealand company with many years of experience in the building industry.