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TidyUp® Adhesive

TidyUp® is Accumen Shapes' own uniquely modified cement based adhesive plaster that is recommended for use by tradespersons for installing Accumen® decorative shapes.

TidyUp® adhesive plaster is designed for fixing decorative mouldings to a weathertight surface using a notched trowel.

Accumen Shapes provides TidyUp® adhesive plaster in convenient 4 litre or 10 litre resealable buckets, for ease of storage and carrying around difficult building sites.

Decorative mouldings may be water repellent in themselves, but due to the diverse situations they may be used in, they are not to be used as a weathertight material.  Architects and competent tradespersons must follow professional trade specifications for the application of a weathertight membrane on the building before fixing Accumen Shapes Ltd decorative products.  We strongly recommend that informed and competent installers fix the mouldings and shapes.

Installation methods should be clearly understood BEFORE installing decorative products manufactured by Accumen Shapes Ltd.

Accumen Shapes Ltd can recommend professional plasterers throughout New Zealand who are available to assist you with installation.