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Slab Edge Insulation (SEI) 

The slab edge of a foundation can be responsible for approximately 80% of the slab’s total heat loss, with further research showing that thermal resistance does not significantly improve by fully extending the insulation under the slab or by increasing the thickness of the insulation under the slab.  The reason being that, with no insulation on the perimeter foundations, most of the heat is conducted along the slab and out through the exterior face of the footing. This suggests that insulating slab edges is far more effective for preventing heat loss than insulating the underside of the slab.


















Accumen Shapes are the New Zealand distributors for Foamular® XPS from Owens Corning. Foamular® XPS is the ideal material for Slab Edge Insulation. Foamular® XPS is a rigid insulation that is formed with polystyrene polymer but manufactured using an extrusion process. Foamular® XPS provides a strong, yet lightweight insulation solution which is resistant to water absorption, making it a long term, sustainable solution to reducing slab edge heat loss.


Accumen Shapes manufacture robust pre-plastered Foamular® XPS boards for the ultimate Slab Edge Insulation solution. Accumen Shapes have been manufacturing and supplying the New Zealand building industry with robust pre-plastered shapes and mouldings for over 30 years. The same proven pre-plastered technology used in the manufacture of our pre-plastered shapes and mouldings is also used in the manufacture of our Slab Edge Insulation board solutions. We can manufacture a wide range of Slab Edge Insulation plant-on solutions, so contact us now to discuss your requirements.