Ravatherm™ XPS

RAVATHERM™ XPS is an XPS closed cell foam product used primarily for insulating inverted roofs. The boards are highly resistant to the conditions encountered on flat roofs, including wide fluctuations in temperature and repeated freeze/thaw cycles. Accumen Shapes has the ability to supply custom size sheets and shapes in our Auckland based facility.

RAVATHERM™ XPS has been formulated with the addition of infra-red ‘blockers’ or particles which are finely dispersed and incorporated into the extruded cell walls. The particles scatter and reflect heat radiation resulting in reduced heat transfer during winter to keep a building warm, as well as in summer to keep it cool. Designed specifically for roofing applications.





RAVATHERM™ XPS Attributes:

  • Up to 11% better insulation performance than other CO2 blown XPS foams

  • Flame retarded, enhancing safety and protection on construction sites - free of HBCD (bio persistent) fire retardants

  • Proven features - durability, reliability and strength

  • Incorporates infra-red ‘blockers’ which improve thermal resistance by scattering and reflecting heat radiation

  • Custom size sheets and shapes - in-house cutting and machining available